Trouble with Auteria while playing

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Trouble with Auteria while playing

Postby Sue on Sun May 23, 2010 2:53 pm

If you have got any problems with the game please help:

Please answer the follow questions:

1.) Did you download the executable and not only did you make an autoupdate from the old version? And when you check for updates did it say "No new files available"
2.) What is your operating system ? (for example Windows Vista)
3.) Which Graphic card / chipset do you have in your computer and do you know which driver version it is?
4.) Where in auteria does the crash happen ?
5.) We need the complete console.log from the crash. So if it crash do not start the client, until you copy and past the output from the console.log via forum pm to tom, please. You will find this file in the game folder where also the auteria.exe is located, open it with your normal text editor.
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