giant quest

giant quest

Postby Khya on Sun Jul 10, 2016 1:56 pm

Hi, myself and another player are doing the giant quest... We are at the part where it says you need a very big bag to clean up his pieces so they dont fall out. After killing 30 ice giants, 20 sand giants, 14 hill giants and having to kill more sand giants a storm giant to get the dorcreek stones needed, the quest is at a standstill. I did use the stone of ice on that last giant, i do not think the quest would have progressed if i missed that. Ok, so the giant is sitting in his chair. I have the broom, i have the bag, i have tried with both equipped, i have tried with both in inventory, other player has as well. Another player says that when he is to be swept up he is no longer sitting in the chair. This quest is not progressing for us, I have exhausted all ideas. Going back and killing giants doesnt give you the quest 1 of whatever statement, so I know that isn't going to work. Does anyone have any ideas, I have been using mapstones to go back and forth to try to figure this out to no avail. Any help will be appreciated, I want this quest over.
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