Filling Up All Your Slots

Filling Up All Your Slots

Postby Lexi on Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:58 am

I have noticed when I am buddying up with a few players, that they do not efficiently use all their slots when they are teleporting away from somethings. Namely the boss drops that tend to have players go back and forth from storage to bags.

And while I have tried telling people how to be able to grab more things as they go back to storage, some may not understand, or perhaps don't pay attention at that current time.

So to inform the players that don't realize they could be getting an extra slot of things, I have supplied some pictures and directions on how to do it.

So first thing is, you only need to bring 2 local teleport spells when it comes to the usual farming for exp/items, or grinding. Unless you are questing, or exploring, you really shouldn't need more.

Now, when you have all your slots full and it comes down to teleporting back to storage, you can cast the spell, but if there is a bag on the ground you can grab it before clicking the destination you want.

In this image, it shows that I have full inventory, with a teleport stone, and a bag on the ground;

And this one, it shows me claiming the bag after I cast the spell but BEFORE I teleport away. You can use the space bar arrow keys, and sometimes the mouse, but if you use the "esc", the spell will cancel (along with your stone).

So there you go, now you can have all your slots full when you go back to storage. Happy Gaming :)
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Re: Filling Up All Your Slots

Postby born1962 on Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:04 am

I just wanted to add a small thing; taking the bag with the left-over items is not the only thing you can do after you use the teleport stone; you can still fight or harvest to fill the last slot completely. It depends on how much 'one more' drops if it is smart to do. If you decide to teleport back here very soon, it doesn't matter if you leave something behind because you'll get it the next visit.
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