Linux client

Linux client

Postby tom on Thu Aug 23, 2007 4:27 pm

1.) Keyboard mapping problem on non english keymap:
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setxkbmap us -model pc102

in console or in your start shell script before launching auteria.
You can use all keys then but in english layout of course.
see also:

@1 Problem is fixed since Rel. 1.7

2.) param: -chdir
Can be used to tell the binary where its installation path is while calling from a other path.

3.) param: -dsleep (since rel 1.5)
Reduce the load of your auteria client, doing a sleep(0) every cycle. On my Athlon 1200 it reduced the cpu load from 99% to about 70% and i didnt notice any disadvantages so far.

4.) Some words about autoupdate and config:
In an early version the client saved all settings to the users home directory ~/.auteria . Since i added the autoupdater this feature is removed. When running the client it need full read/write access to its subdirectories in order to become full functionally. So you can a.) put the game under your homedirectory and give it the +rw of your username. Or b.) if you dont trust what the client does and you are afraid of other files using your userid. Simply add a new user like "auteria" which have no other rights than on the auteria directory. You can now execute the game using this userid with su.
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openAl error

Postby Danthux on Mon Sep 24, 2007 2:56 am

hi, i'm playing auteria en ubuntu 7.04 and i has a problem loading openAL.
i already has the libopenal0a package installed, but that wasn't enought, but all seems to be solved when i apt-get'ed libopenal-dev.

i'm playing it from linux, without any problem right now.

i have faith with this mmorpg, i always want something light, with good graphics, linux playable and with skills like lumbre, mining, crafting and those rudimentary things... i'm think i am already a fan of this game, thx for your work!
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