Bag economy

Bag economy

Postby K911 on Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:23 am

Well i think a lot of people know about that trick, its posted on bugs topic as a bug also...
I think its some kind of "feature" so let me describe it here:
As you know, when bag brokes, you dont loose items which were in extra slots. That means that there are no actually slots in a bag, all bag do is giving access to extra slots.
So say, you wear a bag, put some items in extra slots and unwear bag. Your items are in extra slots still, you can wear any other bag, they still will be there.
And another thing: Bag only damages when you put/take items to/from invetory when bag is put on. So if you mix (for example) take some ings in extra slots, unwear bag, then mix with ings you have left in main inv. Then when those ings are turned into mixed items, wear a bag, replace ings and items and unwear again. This way you save a lot of transaction take/put of bag, so it lasts for very long time.
Doing this trick helped me to use only 3 bags to mix over 100k of wool :)
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