Add Colour in yout Chat!

Add Colour in yout Chat!

Postby MagpieLee on Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:19 pm

Hello Auteria.

This has been with me for a while now...and now its time to share it with you all.

Please remember to stick to channel rules and don't spam

Ctrl + Shift:

O - Blue
G - Blue (Tiny bit lighter blue)
A - Blue (unreliable - try not to use)

C - White

Q - Green (lighter greenn same as E I think)
E - Green (lighter green, same as Q I think)
B - Green (a bit darker in PMs and local chat)
D - Green

F - Yellow

K - Red

L - Pink
N - Pink

Special Inputs:
I - Tab
J - Enter
P - unknown !

Default Colours:

Local - Green
Private Msgs - Green
Unofficial / Private Channel - White
Quest - White
Help - Yellow
General - Blue
Market - Green

Enjoy yourself 8)

Please note that these commands are not 100% official and may change with forthcoming updates
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