Release 1.72

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Release 1.72

Postby tom on Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:31 pm

This is the 1.72 update it was scheduled for end of dezember but finally
here it is. Main change is the Itemrepair system for armor and weapons.
There are some new Quests, changes on some weapons, a new tool for high
harvest stuff and some other things to find out ;)
The options dialog got a lot of new features and the Itemrepair window
is set to "I"-Key.

Because of changes on the network protocol it's a binary update again and
the hangup on linux when the chatserver is not available is fixed. The
freebsd test version will not be continued maybe later - maybe not. I would
also like to make a MacOSX version but since I dont have a Mac, it will be a
little bit difficult. Maybe I'll try to get at least a G5 with 5200 Geforce
and some rams. Some people asked for a 64bit version - this will not as easy
as you may think - 1. I dont have a 64bit proc, 2. afaik openal 64 bit does
not work and last but not least the assembler code is not compatible with a
64 bit (AMD).

Using texture compression reduce the memory usage of the game and there are
several new options like the "ATI - Graphic driver Fix" or the CPU load
reduction. Keep in mind that the reduction of CPU load also slow down the
client - so be careful with setting the slider.

After update you need to reset the keybindings with the
"Restore default keybindings" Button in order to get the 1-0 keys and I-key

Linux: You may now use the "auteria" shell script instead of calling the
binary because it preload most of the needed libaries which are included

Next release will be Renavale, we just started to write the quests, think about
where we went to place what, and I will start writing the farming system. Combat
is scheduled for the release after that and if all will work fine we hopefully will release
Renavale in March and combat system about a month later.

Please keep in mind not to talk about quest solutions in @general or @help .. or sue will
get really pissed :P

... Update in progress, i'll post here when its done ...
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