Ohmtal Game Studio website online, progress of Version 1.98

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Ohmtal Game Studio website online, progress of Version 1.98

Postby tom on Fri May 22, 2015 10:17 pm

Our Website Ohmtal Game Studio is online :) We created it back in 2010 but it was never finished. I ripped out all shop / paypal stuff and brought it online.

I restarted work on Version 1.98 some weeks ago since that I've rewritten the quest system to make it possible to open multiple quests, daily quests and some other things.

Things done so far:
  • Alpha sort on Storage
  • rewritten storage "shortcut" functions
  • tweaks on shapeshifting
  • knuffel mount under water speed
  • sound fix for to many sounds are playing on radius damage like firestone
  • Tergratia cave teleport to caveentry!
  • Right click added for item use
  • Iasandor and Renavale Loading Screen
  • QuestLog case insensitivity problem
  • Some new cloaks with limited usage, as random droppes: Mummy, Imp, Skeleton and Efreet
  • New Mounts: Horse and Warg which you can get by quests
  • Fix for frozen teleport
  • Bugfix: did not display more than 7 quest
  • Fixed: selection bug
  • fixed Bag Bug
  • fixed Questlog
  • fixed password can be only 16 character long but input in mainmenu can be longer
  • fixed Morast collision spot at 111 104
  • fixed Cursor right mouse down on wrong object * only on new client binary
  • fixed Invisible cursor on message box, when rotating
  • Only Last Messagebox y/n is displayed
  • AFK logout removed
  • New NPC Murani at Tergratia for teleport to Sunferat
  • Win on Sunferat Ogre Invasion (which is each ingame day) starts invasion on eventmap
  • Selection: Option menu-what is selected on TAB
  • Open multiple Quests
  • Daily Quest System
  • New skill Sunbiso - not a real skill but levelling for reputation at Sunferat
  • Reduced size of chat to get the opponent window on the top - need space on the left side for something else which is not implemented at the moment

Sunferat is still not closed to get finished, but I thinking of opening in parts.
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