Release 1.97.2

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Release 1.97.2

Postby tom on Mon May 24, 2010 2:48 pm

Auteria Release 1.972
The update is about 3MB and done via in game update function no need to download
the client setup.

Changes and fixes:
  • Cosheba warpath got a team chat using ":"
  • Cosheba warpath got a new command .wi to show warpath information
  • Bottom menu not longer blocks input
  • Moon Tele Stone is now Moon Rucksack
  • Pet spawns now under your feet
  • Radius damage and pet's bags are now owned by the player
    I did change this in the past to deny monster loot steeling but
    is enabled again.
  • Dropped bags (shift/right click) no longer check terrain level, so it should work in dwarf dungeon.
  • Nolgrad Telestone got its right minipic
  • Direct Input on windows disabled by default - can be enabled via options
    Reason: Direct Input routine may cause the runtime error.
  • Tergratia is a bit darker again.
  • New autball area on all eventmaps
  • Players now can permanent change their scale with job quests, find out where ;)
  • Bug in questsystem when player send multiple quest accepts (multi click) and so was able to redo a quest.
  • Mount (like knuffel) hit detection changed to get a hit also on little monsters.
  • .stuck command when mounted removed, did rotate the player
  • Silverbugs now disapear after some time when they idle
  • Dark Dwarfs a bit stronger, Old Dark Dwarf are not changed.
  • channel/pm chat flood protection
  • channel join message for the one who joined
  • New option Interior Vertex Lighting which is set on D3D automaticly so the outside of interiors are not longer black.
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